All great ideas start somewhere and ours sometimes start with cops and bar napkins. It was Vegas in March when we sat down with Bill, an amazing detective and friend.  As cop talk evolved with stories that only another cop could truly relate to, Bill blurted out a truthful exploit about bad guys being stopped, and his precise candidness about our products brought us the SBP apparel line. And ultimately, SBP apparel helped us begin funding under-funded investigations everywhere.  


The SBP apparel line supports a diverse array of underfunded justice projects we become involved with. From stopping bad people like murderers and bear poachers to helping defendants fight for their rights in a truthful trial.


At ZetX, we believe in honest fact finding and work with amazing amounts of meta-data to provide just that. Our products are designed to be used diversely to tell an honest story no matter which side of the bench a person is sitting on.


There is a common misconception that law enforcement only protects the rights of victims. In reality, law enforcement has a duty to protect the rights of defendants, too. ZetX services have secured acquittals for defendants when we found factual evidence of their location at the time of a crime. We have also had the opportunity to review cases for less fortunate people who feel they have been unjustly sentenced to prison.  


Near and dear to our hearts are wildlife investigators; because every day these men and women work hard to protect wildlife and our countries natural resources.  ZetX services have been used to protect endangered species across the country like sun bathing gila monsters in the desert to friendly key deer in the coastal plains. Some of the saddest and most brutal cases we see are bears being poached for their warm fur and paws. We believe bear poachers need to be stopped and SBP apparel protects animal rights when they can’t help themselves.


Law enforcement agencies across the United States rely on ZetX to tell accurate depictions of the truth for heinous crimes like child murders and abductions, mass shootings, domestic violence, and human trafficking. SBP apparel helps under-funded police agencies investigate in the most efficient and factual way possible. 


ZetX services are made available to civil attorneys, defense attorneys and law enforcement because facts always speak for themselves.